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Look no further! At Lakeside we are a full-service company just come in pick a pattern and will do the rest! 

What we do

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Liner Services

We here at Lakeside pride ourselves in providing the best customer service possible. We offer fair prices and extended advice on pool operations and equipment. You’re not just getting a new liner you will be getting professionals that will help you every step of the way.

  • Pump out Pool 
  • Remove the old liner 
  • Disposal of liner 
  • Measure for custom fit liner 
  • Custom 30 mil liner pattern choice 
  • Pressure test lines 
  • Patch minor cracks 
  • Install new liner including gaskets and faceplates 
  • Inspect Stair for cracks and fractures 
  • Surface prep 
  • Re-taping panel joints 
  • Remove and reinstall light(s) 

Custom Liners

You can mix & match different liners and borders or choose a liner based on the colour of the water you want. The possibilities are endless!

Click The Links Below To Check Out All The Different Liner Patterns & Extra Liner Info

Megna Liners

LinerWerx Liners

About us

Providing the Highest Quality Liners Available

  • High resistance to breaking, tearing and puncturing.

  • Excellent resistance to cracking at low temperatures (-20°F or lower).

  • Low rate of plasticizer loss resulting in a slow rate of stiffening.

  • Resistance to degradation from UV radiation.

  • Base films are resistant to chlorine bleaching, printed liners use custom formulated bleach resistant inks. 

  • Fungicide is added to the vinyl to provide a backup to regular chlorination and algaecide treatment.

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