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Apex Bench

Apex Bench is a 7 person hot tub! It’s hard to keep these tubs in stocks. In 2021 we have pre ordered over 15 to sell. The apex Bench is a great family tub. It has a large foot well that allows a lot of foot space. Each seat in this tub is designed at a different level and is very comfortable. The Curve Series is designed to have a raised back, this is beneficial because the wall turns into a privacy screen, wind screen, and sunscreen. It also allows you to be deeper into the tub!

Custom Features

  • Dual 3″ MultiColor Lights
  • Waterline Lighting package
  • Full Foam Insulation (For synthetic)
  • O3One Advanced Ozone
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Apex Bench








Cover: Grey Weathershield
Acrylic: Sterling Marble
Cabinet: Maintenance Free Grey


(Inches) 92 x 92 x 40

Equipped With

Digital Spa Control Panel
Air Controls
Volcano Jet with dedicated Hand Control-5
Streaming Water Ropes-Laminars
Self-cleaning Sweeper jet
Extreme XL Water Diverters
Trillium Stainless Steel Massage Jets-50
100 Sq. Ft. Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System
Smart phone Remote Control Compatible
Shiatsu Massage Nodules