Element Bench Curve

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Element Bench Curve

Element Bench is great for entertaining a large group of people! It includes 6 bench seats that all have different jetting positions to allow every seat to focus on a different area on your body to enjoy a massage. Children can move around freely in the classic five person Element Bench. Cleanest water possible in a hot tub with an ozonator added to protect your family. A must for your backyard. Check out Coast’s spectacular 24 inch waterfall, the world’s largest!

Custom Features

  • 3″ Safety Light
  • O3One Advanced Ozone
  • Full Foam Insulation (For Synthetic)
  • Smartphone Remote Control Communication Module
  • Waterline Lighting Package
  • Aquasole Foot Massage Jet(x1)
  • EcoAir Vents
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Element Bench Curve








Cover: Desert Taupe Weathershield
Acrylic: Tuscan Sun
Cabinet: Drfitwood All Weather


(Inches) 83.5 x 83.4 x 40 (47 at back)

Equipped With

Digital Spa Control Panel with Colour Display
Air Controls
Volcano Jet with Dedicated Hand Control, 5
Streaming Water Ropes, Laminars
Self Cleaning Sweeper Jet
Raised Curve back, Wind Shield and Privacy Wall
Extreme XL Water Diverters
Trillium Stainless Steel Massage Jets, 50
24" Fusion Waterfall
100 Sq. Ft. Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System
Smartphone Remote Control Compatible
Shiatsu Massage Nodules