Project Management

We guarantee our commitment to every project, our team of architects, construction professionals, designers and advisors is trained and ready to take on any challenge presented to us, and we are happy to help your idea become real.

Step 1 – Discovery

On the first phase of the process you will meet with one of our representatives on a consultation meeting, during this meeting we will ask you about your needs in terms of space, budget and time. We can go over our portfolio so you let us know your preferences.

Step 2 – Prototyping

After knowing and assessing the space where the project will be executed we will create a 3D and 2D drawing on (name of the program), this will give you an idea of how the project will look like after completion. On this part of the process it is important that you let us know your opinion and changes you want to make so we can quote the project as accurate as possible.

Step 3 – Scheduling

Depending on the outcomes of the last meeting, we will schedule the whole project and we’ll make sure everyone who is involved in the project is available for us and for you. We will create a payment schedule and we’ll  go over the project schedule various times to assess the problems and/or obstacles that can become a drawback during the project execution, these problems may unfortunately rise the final price of the project, for this reason we should be prepared for the unexpected.

Step 4 – Construction

Before starting construction we make sure the site is secure for you and for our workers, we have the responsibility to take proper precautions on the site, you will also have some responsibilities while we are not on site. It is important that you and your family are aware of the possible accidents that may occur during the project.

Step 5 – Delivery

Our favourite part of the process is here! After finishing and making the project look as good as possible we will show you how it operates so you can take proper care of it, however now that you can contact us (link) in case of any problem, question or maintenance request. We will give you a warranty and we will show you the best way to take advantage of it. We will make sure you are happy with the project and we will finalize the process with the final payment of the project.

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