Safety Covers 

Lakeside Pools prides itself on providing our clients with the best possible materials and workmanship from local companies. We always ensure our customers’ safety at fair prices. 

About Saftey Covers

Winterizing your pool has just become trouble-free!


  • High-quality hardware
  • Attractive colour selection
  • Full continuous premium webbing
  • Exceed ASTM F1346-91 standards
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Durable
  • Easy cleaning and storage

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What Makes Our SAFETY Covers The Right Choice For Your Family!


How much weight can a safety cover hold ?

The cover prevents children and animals from falling through. The safety cover is strong enough to have an adult walk across and remove a child or animal off the cover.

How much stronger are CoverWerx safety covers in comparison to other covers?

CoverWerx safety covers have full continuous premium webbing on both top and bottom of the safety cover. The thread used in sewing is of the highest quality and specifications to prevent premature breaking and rotting – manufactured in Canada. Chafe strips are full width of the webbing and 24″ long. They are attached at each perimeter webbing point plus additional chafe strips are placed where needed.

Standard vs high density mesh?

Standard mesh safety covers are the most popular and have the same warranty as the high density. Both are equally strong. The high density safety cover has a tighter weave than the standard density material. Tighter weave allows less dust and sunlight to penetrate into the pool. Safety Covers make opening the pool easier in the spring.

What makes CoverWerx better than other suppliers?

CoverWerx safety covers are manufactured locally, therefore any issues or repairs can be resolved quickly.


Lifetime Pro Rated warranty. 1st and 2nd season there is no charge for repair or replacement. Then a percentage of current year’s retail price is charged as cover gets older.

How CoverWerx stands out?

All safety covers come standard with double low profile commercial springs which keeps the cover low to the ground, webbing is sewn on both sides of the cover and chafe strips around perimeter of safety cover prevent wear at coping. Full grids of wear pad in step area and were required, a bag is provided for storing the cover and all the necessary hardware for installation.

Safety Covers are manufactured in Canada to the exact specifications of the swimming pool and surroundings.